Bryce G. Hoffman is a bestselling author, speaker and consultant. As an award-winning journalist writing for newspapers in California and Michigan, he spent two decades covering major companies in the automotive, technology and biotechnology industries. Bryce was given unparalleled access to startups and major multinationals. He saw what worked and what didn’t. His book, American Icon: Alan Mulally and the Fight to Save Ford Motor Company, has become a manual for CEOs and a guide for organizations that want to transform their cultures and build winning teams. Now, Bryce is sharing the management secrets he learned from some of the top executives in America. He offers principles to lead by through his books, speeches, workshops and consulting.

Bryce writes about leaders and about leadership. His book, American Icon, was a Wall Street Journal bestseller that the paper named one of the best business books of 2012. It tells the story of Ford's epic turnaround, which took place against the backdrop of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. The New York Times called it "a compelling narrative that reads more like a thriller than a business book." American Icon offers important leadership lessons for organizations large and small. The Society of American Business Editors and Writers said, “Hoffman introduces readers to the human drama at the top of the corporate ladder without losing sight of the bigger picture.”

Bryce speaks to companies and groups around the country, sharing the story of Ford Motor Company’s epic turnaround that he chronicled in American Icon, as well as lessons from other companies in other industries that he has covered. Bryce also is a senior strategist with the fassforward Consulting Group, a New York-based business transformation company that helps organizations turn their big moments into momentum. Bryce works with companies of all sizes to develop and deploy management systems that drive accountability, foster teamwork and deliver on strategic goals. He also shows leaders how to change cultures and build teams that can win.